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Know how and when you can comfortably retire

There's a way to do this - but with a twist that makes perfect sense once you see it

I'm in Portland, Oregon

David Beck Financial Services LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm in the State of Oregon.
Prior to any advisory work conducted outside Oregon, David Beck Financial Services LLC would become registered in that jurisdiction or qualify for an exemption or exclusion to the registration.

Conventional Planning asks: How much income will you need in retirement?

Traditional financial planning asks you how much you will need to spend in retirement or will assume a certain percentage of your pre-retirement income. If that estimate is wrong by only as much as 10%, you will receive bad advice for how much to save, how to invest the savings, and how much life insurance is needed. And when you think about it, why are you being asked to set the target anyway? Isn't this what you pay the advisor for?

The REAL QUESTION is: How much should you be saving?

If you think about it, it’s clear that the real need is to have a smooth living standard per family member through time. You want a smooth transition between working and retirement. You don’t want to starve now to splurge tomorrow or splurge now to starve tomorrow.

I use a method called 'consumption smoothing' to mathematically derive how much you can spend each year while maintaining a consistent living standard throughout your life. We all have our own living standard number; most of us just don’t know what it is.


Once your data is input, I will use the software in ‘What If’ mode to optimize your living standard number and your income in retirement. I can show you the impact of retiring early, downsizing, moving, refinancing, when to start taking your Social Security benefits, how much to contribute to a 401(k) -- you name it.

I provide you with the opportunity to evaluate life decisions and optimize your plan.


Nothing beats knowing when and how you will retire. I let the facts tell us how much you can spend for a consistent living standard, and then suggest ways to increase that number. Let me show you how retirement planning should be done.


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